What are the Pros Saying?

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At the Intersection of Technology and Design

At Renaissance Glassware, our passion to combine classic artisan design and craftsmanship with the latest technological innovations has inspired us to develop a breakthrough proprietary process resulting in glassware products that reach new levels of Color, Clarity, Bouquet, Taste, Body and Structure across our entire product line.

Our products are the result of many decades of collective education and experience in the areas of material science, applied physics, engineering, design and classic glass blowing.

It’s Time for a Revolution

Like the original Renaissance period, sometimes a revolution is needed to bring in a new era. In the area of fine glassware, the time for revolution has come. Whether you are a lover of wine, whisky, beer, tea or coffee, the technological innovations found within every piece of Renaissance Glassware will bring new revolutionary flavor profiles and enjoyment as intended by the creator of that fine beverage.

There are no words that can adequately describe and communicate how a piece of Renaissance Glassware will dynamically enhance your favorite beverage, you must taste to believe. We encourage you to schedule your, “Taste The Difference” taste test today and join the Fine Glassware Revolution.

Upgrade Your Investment

No matter the size of your collection of wines, spirits, teas and other special beverages, the technology within every piece of Renaissance Glassware will upgrade and enhance the flavor profiles to deliver on the promise of the creator and the reason for your investment.

Better Wine and Health Through Precision Tuning

One of the key areas of our proprietary process is our ability to tune each piece and set to specific harmonic frequencies. When tuned, each piece and set produce beautiful harmonic notes individually and harmonies when played together.

These harmonic frequencies aid in both the transformation of the wine as well as bathing you and your guests in a immerssevely soothing and healing binaural sound bath.

Limited Production, Uniquely Valuable

Each Renaissance Glassware design will be a Limited Edition piece only available for a limited time during its limited production run. Each run will be broken down into multiple series within each production run. Purchasing will be limited to inventory on hand for that current series or pre-ordering from one of the remaining series. If a particular design appeals to your sense of style and taste, don’t wait to order from inventory or pre-order from one of the remaining series, or you might miss out on your favorite design and style.


“As you know, I am a wineglass snob because I truly do believe that it enhances the whole experience of the wine, especially when you’re opening a nice bottle, a nice glass is very very important…And I was blown away!  I’m so inspired and so excited!  We did a side by side of a Brand X and the Renaissance wine glass and it literally tasted like a completely different wine.  The alcohol was balanced, the texture, the structure, the fruit, the flavor profile, was elevated, it was just ah-mazing!”

Casleah Herwaldt, Certified Sommelier - http://www.bythestem.co

“The fruits in the flavor of the wine are more pronounced, have a longer finish, and the tannins are softened.  The wine tastes like it has aged, just by putting it in the Renaissance Glass!  It elevates the wine drinking experience, and makes even a $20.00 bottle of wine taste like a $100.00 bottle.”

Wesley Savin, Certified Sommelier - @plantbased_somm

“You can taste more of the fruit and less of the alcohol from the Renaissance Glass.  When tasting side by side with the Brand X glass, you can appreciate the nuances and subtleties of the wine better in the Renaissance Glass.  The wine in the Brand X glass tastes like a cheaper wine than what’s in the Renaissance Glass; even though they were poured from the same bottle, they taste like two different wines!”

So Young Kim, Culinary Artist and Wine Lover - @food4so