Los Angeles, California – August 16, 2021 For Immediate Release

The luxury glassware company, Renaissance Glassware, has launched their new website showcasing their luxury glassware pieces which include revolutionary technological advancements in material science and manufacturing.

When asked about the launch of the new brand, the company’s Director of Brand Development, Monica Geronimo, said, “We are very excited to empower wine, spirits, tea and coffee aficionados around the world with beautifully crafted luxury glassware pieces that will dynamically enhance their favorite beverages and those special moments in life.”

Renaissance Glassware is a luxury brand born in LA and inspired by the divergent convergence of art, cultural diversity and commerce found in this important leader within the global economy. Speaking about the topic of being an LA brand, Geronimo continued, “While we call LA home, we find inspiration from around the world where great design and innovation can be found every day. We are inspired by the beauty, elegance, design and innovation from around the world.”

Renaissance Glassware will ultimately offer a wide range of products for every type of wine, spirit, tea and coffee. The company will launch with their ground breaking Florence Collection starting with their Florentina Rossa Sommelier. Additionally, the company will offer clients the opportunity to design their own set of bespoke luxury glassware empowering vision and creativity globally.

Contact Info:

Name: Monica Geronimo

Organization: Renaissance Glassware

Address: 17020 Chatsworth St. #1005, Granada Hills, CA 91344

Email: monica@renaissanceglassware.com

Phone: (323) 596-7798